„We are elated to have been able to share a small piece of Madagascar with the rest of the world through our delicately handmade pieces.
After living in Madagascar our entire lives, it’s in our nature to embrace new cultures, and immerse ourselves in the country we live in. Having now lived in Australia for five years, we have been inspired by its breathtaking landscape and truly fascinating history and culture. We now genuinely feel French, Madagascan, and Australian, which is something we hold very dear to our hearts, and wish to portray in each of our designs.
We have taken great joy in being able to portray Madagascar in a positive way by promoting its beautiful, highly-skilled people.“
Made in Mada’s range is created from all natural, sustainably sourced fibres which mainly originate from the native raffia tree.
So what is raffia? Raffia palms grow in the middle of the tropical Madagascan rainforest and actually need to be harvested regularly to allow other fauna and flora to grow. The palm has a short trunk and leaves that may be up to 18m long! Each of these branches is made of nearly 100 smaller leaves which are cut and torn off in parallel lines.
The fibers harvested from these trees are often used in Madagascan culture to traditionally weave baskets and hats. Once treated, the fiber is soft, pliable, strong, durable, easy to dye, non-shrinking when wet, and biodegradable.